Company introducion

IVV Engineering s.r.o. operates in sphere of hydraulic system and mechanical machine. This company makes use of own technical know-how, above all in development and engineering of special machines with hydraulic controled drives and it cooperates with renowned Czech and Evropean companies anyhow in engineering area so in sphere of deliveries, with efford and target to ensure for customer the optimal useful values of devices simultaneously with its high operation reability and servise live.

This company ensure in full immensity services and repairs of this devices too. Bouth company companios also close cooperate with sister firm HYDRAGAS s.r.o.,  where they have share in the profits. Needed project and designe documentation is provided wits using  CAD/CAM methods.

For hydraulics we use componnents from renowned european firms, which they can ensure its faultless function and long operating life. We propose and realize modernization of obsolete of hydraulic devices with effort to give higher efficiency and operation reability of this systems.

We are company with young and dynamic team, which ensure all important signs of quality cooperation. We offer on ideas, realizations and service  concurrently we are know, that rapidity and quality of our work, it is most important criterion by offers of our services.