Scissors lifting platforms and lifts


The company IVV Engineering is also specialized for designing and producing machines for vertical movement since 1998. These days we are able to convert these machines into nearly all requirements of customers.
For strength calculations our specialists use calculation of hyper static strut-frame method and for optimalization most important nodes use finite element method.
We try to achieve high level of rigidity and low weight of construction. We endeavor to long-term operational reliability of our products


We produce wide variety of basic scissors lifting platforms with 1÷4 scissors.


We produce also non-standard platforms and lifts which are converted to requests and wishes of our customer.


To all platforms and lifts we offer and supply wide variety of accessories.


Types of lifting platforms and lifts


The company IVV Engineering develope and produce scissor lifting platforms for:

  • Loading and unloading material from bucket


  • Moving load to storie (producing, stocking)


  • Moving load down to basement (producing, stocking)


  •  Lifting platforms for manipulation


  • In-process manipulation during production


  •  Vertical moving of personal motor car between stories


  • Theater technique – lifting platforms of orchestra


  • Variety aplications of scissors lifting platforms with horizontal movements